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- Co-Founder Role

- High Financial Rewards

- Work from anywhere (100% Remote)

We are seeking a Technical Director to join the studio leadership team and spearhead engine and game development.  We are developing a dark sci-fi PvP shooter at the bleeding edge of game design, player experience and technical execution.  You will join as a co-founder of a growing venture start-up, which will enable you to influence design, direction, and culture of the studio, while scaling and leading the development team.

This is a hands-on role.  We all work in-engine.  We are all builders.  We want to talk to you if you are talented and passionate about joining and building your own high-potential game studio.


  • Take ownership of pre-production technical design and full-stack system architecture.

  • Test and validate core feature mechanics through rapid prototyping and extreme iteration.

  • Partner with the other Directors to deliver a vertical slice, scalable production plan and realize the game.

  • Lead the charge on both server-side and client-side feature implementation as well as other crucial features expected in PvP online play. 

  • Scale an engineering team focused 100% on delivering a AAA PvP multiplayer experience.

  • Build tools to assist the team in development as well as support the open-development model.


  • Experience as an engineering lead in the PC / Console game industry.

  • Deep understanding of Unreal and the new enhancements of UE5.

  • Background in server-side and networking in online multiplayer highly regarded.

  • Desire to rely on the strengths of UE5 while building proprietary tools and layers to enhance it.

  • Embrace the entrepreneurial opportunity by progressively realizing your goals.

  • A mindset that remains outcomes and solutions focused. 

  • A willingness and unrelenting desire to build one of the most definitive games of this decade.



  • High equity and profit-share scheme during pre-production.

  • Competitive salary during production upon successful funding (expected to begin Q3 2023)

  • Exponential exposure to the financial upside with no downside risk.

  • Co-Founder title, true leadership role, and the real ability to influence the culture and direction of the studio from the inception of the project.



Simply fill out the form below. We endeavor to get back to every candidate, so you should hear from us soon.  If you are the right person, you'll know it and we will know it.

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