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- Artists

- Word Builders

- Dev Ops

To accelerate development, we are looking for game developers to join our co-founders as founding team members of our development team. 

Getting an invitation to join a startup in its early stages is a rare and potentially life changing opportunity.  You will be the first team members of the dev team to join the studio, partnering with our co-founders during pre-production as we prepare to scale to full production.  

If you are currently working in game development, talented in your chosen discipline, and are mentally and emotionally ready for the life altering startup journey - this is your rare opportunity. 


  • This is a HANDS-ON role - We ALL work in-engine. We are all builders.

  • Passionate about creating something truly awesome.

  • Ability to work in a rapid prototyping and extreme iteration environment.

  • Self motivated and driven with the ability to clearly articulate your ideas.

  • Actively seeks to understand the game vision - ability to visualize the end from the beginning.


  • Demonstrable experience in game development.

  • Lead and Senior level roles only available, however if you are Mid-Level and feel you are ready to step into a Senior level role then we want to hear from you also. 


  • Generous profit-share on offer; plus competitive salary during production.

  • Financial rewards directly linked to the success of the project with huge upside potential. 



We made it very easy, simply fill out the form below! If you are the right person, you'll know it and we will know it.