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- Become a Founding Member

- High Financial Rewards

- Work from anywhere (100% Remote)

It's time to build something awesome!  We are looking for game developers (Gameplay Programmers, Level Designers, World Builders, 2D & 3D Artists) hungry to build their own game studio and leave their mark on the industry, to join our founders as founding members of our development team. 

Getting an invitation to join a high-potential venture game studio in its early stages is a rare and potentially life changing opportunity. Partnering with the studio co-founders during pre-production, you will be involved in the process of scaling a development team that is 100% focused on building a PVP online multiplayer game in Unreal Engine 5 that is at the cutting edge of game design, player experience and technical execution. 

If you are currently working in game development, talented in your chosen discipline, and are mentally and emotionally ready for the life altering startup journey - this is your rare opportunity! 


  • Passionate to build, collaborate, and create something truly awesome as a team.  

  • Ability to work in a rapid prototyping and extreme iteration environment.

  • Self motivated and driven with the ability to clearly articulate your ideas.​

  • Demonstrable experience in game development within your choses discipline.

  • For all in-engine roles - UE experience is essential. 


  • High equity and profit-share scheme during pre-production.

  • Competitive salary during production upon successful funding (expected to begin Q3 2023).

  • Exponential exposure to the financial upside with no downside risk.

  • Founding Member title and the real ability to influence the direction of the project.



Simply fill out the form below. We endeavor to get back to every candidate, so you should hear from us soon.  If you are the right person, you'll know it and we will know it.

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