Where are you located?

Head office is located in Sydney, Australia with a second development studio in Belgrade, Serbia.  

Are remote work options available for your listed opportunities?

Yes, we are taking expressions of interest from all over world.

What funding stage is your startup at?

Pre-seed stage with all pre-production costs funded by the founders and early investors.

What is the difference between a Co-Founder & Founding Member?

The three Rs: Responsibility, Risk & Rewards. 

Co-Founders are the development team leaders who spearhead pre-production activities.  They are the champions of the Project MITA vision and rewarded with both equity and profit-sharing. 

Founding Members partner with the co-founders during pre-production forming it's core development team.  They are also rewarded with generous equity and profit-sharing inline with the project's success.

Why are you in stealth mode?

To keep our unique IP, game design and core mechanics under the public radar during the early phase of pre-production.  We will come out of stealth mode as we scale into full production.

Do you really believe you will release one of the most definitive games of this decade?

Yes!  If you're intrigued, reach out, sign an NDA and we will share our vision with you. 


What does MITA mean?

It's an acronym and the codename of our project.